Our New Veterinary Surgery is now open!

Incredibly exciting news! Animed HAVE MOVED in whitstable town centre

After 15 years of searching, we have finally found a suitable new site for our new veterinary surgery.

We have been looking for years for a site in Whitstable town centre, and thanks to John and Roz we now have an incredible town centre location with enough parking to satisfy our clients needs.

We know that our clients love coming to see us, but that they have found car parking to be a real problem. This new location allows us to solve the parking problem with plenty of spaces on our own forecourt free for our clients to use.

Location Location Location

Location was always the most important thing for us when deciding to move the practice. 

We have always wanted to stay in the town centre, allowing our clients to avoid a lengthy car journey with their pets.

This building allows us to move around 300m from our current premises but, rarely for a town centre site, solve our parking problems as well!

So what exactly are we planning to build?

Our aim with our new premises is to build a state of the art veterinary practice to allow us to offer you better quality care for your pets, while making your experience visiting us as enjoyable as possible.

We hope to have thought of as many things to keep you and your pets as happy as possible, with a large airy waiting area, separate dog and cat kennelling facilities and a dedicated quiet room for upsetting situations.

All of this and of course, the highest quality equipment with fully qualified, dedicated staff to continue to provide our caring, compassionate veterinary care.

How's it looking so far?

We are really proud of the progress that we have made on the project so far. The whole factory has been cleared by John and we have been able to make a huge number of changes so far, but even more exciting is what is still to come!

We have put a few photos of the progress so far below and we will keep adding to them as the work progresses, please check back for more updates over the next few weeks.

We are aiming to open in late Spring 2016 and we will keep everybody fully informed about our progress.

December 2015 - The Factory!

The building has been a gasket factory for over 40 years, there was a lot of clearing out to do!

January 2016 - Another floor to be added!

We wanted to be able to have all of our clinical areas on the ground floor, providing easy level access for patients and clients alike.

To enable this to happen we added a mezzanine floor to allow us to have our offices and lab on the newly added first floor.

And what a first floor it has given us! We won't know what to do with all the space in the offices! A good space to use for client information evenings to help you all learn more about what we can do to help your pets!

February and March 2016 - It's happening!

We are now well on the way with the build, the rooms downstairs have been formed, giving us our kennel areas, imaging suites with separate X-Ray and ultrasound facilities, theatre suite with 2 air conditioned positive pressure theatres with a separate scrub area, meeting the highest standards of hygiene. We now have 4 consulting rooms, a large prep area to work in, a fantastic air conditioned waiting area and a dedicated isolation unit. All the first fix wiring and plumbing is nearly complete and the next big job is to insulate the entire building to the latest environmentally friendly building standards.

April and May 2016

Sorry we haven't been updating you over the last few weeks. We have been so busy trying to keep up with the pace of the build!

The changes that we have seen in the project over the last few weeks have been incredible and I hope the photos below get you all as excited to come and visit us in our new home as we are to welcome you and your pets!

We should have a confirmed opening date to share with you in the next couple of weeks and then we can enjoy the results of all this hard work!

The building has been super insulated to save as much energy as possible, we don't want your pets getting too hot or too cold during their stay with us! Then the epic job of plaster boarding and plastering the entire building starts. What a huge job, but what a fantastic difference it made once it was finished!

We haven't forgotten the outside space either. The new parking area has been formed with the demolition of the existing garages, the walkway down the side of the building has been cleared and made safe, new fencing erected and the new exit formed from our dedicated quiet room. A lovely little fenced area outside with grass for our hospital patients has been formed as well. It's a real sun trap so I think we might be having lunch out there occasionally!

This is now really starting to look like we want. The new ceiling has gone in with the daylight LEDs to be both energy efficient and keep us feeling happy! The flooring has been laid in the prep area and some of the smaller rooms, it looks fantastic and provides a really easily cleaned non slip finish. The units for storage are starting to be installed, doors will be started next week.

We are so excited to be able to offer you all such a wonderful new environment to treat your pets.

The finishing touches!

We have spent the last few weeks finishing all of this off, the decorators have been busy making it all look beautiful, the sign writing has been done, the doors are on, the final bits have all been completed. We spent a whole weekend moving all of our equipment across and now it's ready to go!

And here we are on opening day. John and Roz, the owners of the factory that we were so lucky to be able to take over, came down and cut the ribbon. An emotional day for them as John's father built the building in 1977 and John has worked in it every day since.

Thankfully they will still get to visit and their dog, Tito, was honoured to be the first patient through the door on opening morning!

We are now open! It's fantastic to finally have the building your pets deserve to be treated in. We look forward to seeing you all soon!