Preventative Services

Making sure your pet is treated before they become unwell can save money and time.

Nobody wants their pet to become unwell, we all know how upsetting it can be! 

To try and stop your pet getting ill in the first place we try and offer a full package of preventative healthcare. 

  • Vaccinations - with Kennel Cough vaccine included as standard in all our canine vaccinations
  • Routine blood testing for common sub clinical diseases in all patients, but especially suitable for our geriatric pets
  • All routine worming and flea treatments for cats, dogs, rabbits and exotic pets
  • Pet Microchipping with the latest generation Ultra Slim microchips - This is a legal requirement for all dogs from April 2016 - don't get caught out! 
  • Trained nutrition advisers to help you choose the best diet for your pet. We also stock a full range of prescription diets to assist in the treatment and prevention of a large number of illnesses
  • Puppy and Kitten Health Checks as a part of the initial vaccine course to make sure your new family member gets off to a healthy start

  • Puppy and kitten vaccine packages include microchipping with an Ultra Slim microchip and the first flea and worm treatment for your new pet
  • Senior pet health checks for our elderly patients including blood and urine testing to detect many diseases before they show clinical signs. This can improve the prognosis for treatment in many cases
  • Breeding check ups to allow determination of ovulation with blood testing
  • KC/BVA hip and elbow scores for your breeding stock to ensure improvement of the breed
  • Ultrasonography for pet pregnancy determination, this can also be used to investigate problems with breeding or ovulation
  • Pet Passport Service to allow you to take your beloved pets on holiday throughout Europe - Please contact the practice to enquire about prices and procedures for this service
  • Pet Nursing Clinics are available for routine nail clipping*, anal gland emptying* and weight checks. 
  • Flea and worm medications can be dispensed by our nurses free of charge without the need for your pet to see a vet. (* denotes a charge for these services)
  • Behavioural Advice is available from one of our trained pet behaviour counsellors