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Bob, the office pom, writes about his life with us here at animed

Hello! Bob here. 

Many of you will have met me when you've visited the practice, but if you're a stranger, Hello. 

I'm a little Pomeranian who lives with Rosie, Animed's head nurse, and I come into Animed to "Work" every single day!

Me and my friend Butter, who is Mark the vet's dog, spend our day in the office with Claire, the practice manager.

We like to be really helpful, and so we thought we would welcome you to our new website by starting a blog!

Check back here every week for a new update from me on what's going on behind the scenes.

22nd January 2016

Happy New Year everyone! 

To cheer you all up this dreary cold January i thought I'd share a happy little story from this week at Animed.

I met a lovely little puppy called Star. She is a 5 month old Springer Spaniel and is a lot of fun to play with in the kennels!

Unfortunately, Star had a really big problem with her heart. A blood vessel that should have closed off at birth had stayed open, and if it wasn't closed off then she would be likely to die by the time she was a year old. The only problem was that this blood vessel was right next to her heart. I heard the vets talking about how serious the problem was and I was really worried about poor Star!

Most vet practices would send this sort of case to a specialist but luckily Mark has been studying Cardiology for ages, and he felt able to repair the problem right here at Animed! 

Well, I've never seen the team so excited! Apparently they have done a couple of these operations before, but that was before I was born so I was amazed to see how much they all wanted it to go to plan!

On the day of surgery everyone in the practice seemed so excited!

Mark was excited to have such an advanced procedure to do but nervous at the same time as there is a lot of risk involved with this sort of operation.

I heard everyone getting ready downstairs and then Star went into the operating theatre for her big op!

They took a bit of video to show me what they had done. I could see Star's heart beating on the video which made me feel a bit odd!

About 4 hours later everyone was jumping for joy! Mark had managed to tie off the blood vessel and Star was waking up well from her anaesthetic.

Mark seemed a bit stressed during the op but he didn't look any greyer to me than before he started!

Star was cared for overnight by our lovely friends at Vets Now in Canterbury and she came back to us first thing this morning.

I couldn't believe how happy she looked!

This is Star just 24 hours after her open chest surgery, recovering really well and looking forward to going home!

I hope this lovely story about my new friend Star has cheered everyone up!

We loved looking after her here at Animed and now we hope to be seeing her for many more happy years!

Update - 3rd Feb

Star came in again to see us today and got a chance to say Thank You to all of the nurses who cared for her before, during and after her surgery.

They loved seeing how happy and bouncy she is thanks to their excellent care after her operation!!